What are Internal Hemorrhoids and Their Treatment?

What are Internal Hemorrhoids?

It’s easy to tell when you have external hemorrhoids because you can see and feel them, but did you know you can get internal hemorrhoids too?

Internal hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels swell inside your rectum. The swelling is brought on by pressure and the most common causes are straining on the toilet, being excessively overweight, constipation, heavy lifting, pregnancy and labor. Unlike external hemorrhoids, you may not notice a problem until you see blood in your stool or on the toilet paper. This is because, due to their location in your body, internal hemorrhoids don’t always hurt.

Are Internal Hemorrhoids Dangerous?

In most cases, internal hemorrhoids are not dangerous; however, seeing blood in the toilet can be very alarming. If the blood persists, please visit your doctor as blood in your stool can also indicate cancer or anal fissures.

How to Prevent Internal Hemorrhoids

One of the best things you can do to prevent internal hemorrhoids is eat plenty of fiber from plant-based sources, drink water and engage in a minimum of 150 active minutes of exercise each week. Since most hemorrhoids are caused by constipation and straining on the toilet, the combination of fiber, water and exercise will keep your stool moving right along – not stuck where it causes you pain and problems. The fiber, water and exercise combination also help with weight control, which in turn, helps lessen your chance of getting internal hemorrhoids.

If you are weightlifting or moving heavy objects, don’t overdo it. Know your limits in the gym and have a friend (or moving company) help you with the heavy lifting.

How to Treat Internal Hemorrhoids

HemoTreat™ Hemorrhoid Ointment has been proven to successfully treat small to medium size internal hemorrhoids – and these findings are backed up with a scientific study. The study results were astounding; 97% reported reduction or elimination of their symptoms!

Internal application of HemoTreat is recommended for the best results. When HemoTreat is applied inside the anal cavity, it forms a barrier between the swollen veins and the bowel, therefore speeding up the healing process. You are free to go about your day knowing HemoTreat is working on the uncomfortable symptoms and the hemorrhoid itself. It’s no wonder why HemoTreat has so many positive reviews.

What about Prolapsed Hemorrhoids?

In some cases the internal hemorrhoid prolapse. This means it becomes large enough to protrude from the anus. Prolapsed or external hemorrhoids are characterized by itching, bleeding and being sensitive to the touch. The hard knot of veins and tissue can make sitting and bowl movements extremely uncomfortable. While HemoTreat can greatly reduce the symptoms of small to medium prolapsed hemorrhoids, you should get an evaluation from you doctor. Injections or surgery may be required for persistent, large or extremely painful hemorrhoids.

Why HemoTreat?
Hemorrhoids are embarrassing. Nobody likes talking about bowel movements or anything else that goes on in the rectal area, but if you have hemorrhoids, it’s all you can think about! The pain, burning, blood and itching make it impossible for you to have a productive day.

HemoTreat knows hemorrhoids are a common complaint for many adults, so rather than create a smelly, messy ointment that makes your body’s most sensitive regions greasy and sticky, we’ve created an effective hemorrhoid cure that is a pleasure to use. HemoTreat addresses the symptoms (pain, itching, burning) from the first application so you can enjoy your day in comfort while the hemorrhoid ointment shrinks your internal hemorrhoids away. Our formula is not sticky or greasy and does not have a strong smell.

HemoTreat is 100% risk free to try and has a proven 97% success rate. If you have hemorrhoids, don’t suffer. Use HemoTreat Hemorrhoid Ointment so you can get on with your day.