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The efficiency of the HemoTreat H ointment was shown in time. This ointment was tested for 50 years, and 97% of the people who were using it have healed completely from internal or external hemorrhoids and anal bleeding.

Use this product and you will get rid of these affections without having to resort to surgery or ligations. Can you say that surgery is a painless procedure when you can’t even touch the area when it’s swollen?

The research study carried out at Dunarea de Jos University Faculty of Medicine in Galați confirmed the safety of the product and reinforced the allegation that surgery must be the last solution.

HemoTreat H ointment contains active substances that strengthen the blood vessels’ walls, rapidly improving the condition of the affected tissues and reducing any pain and discomfort.


Why use medication for hemorrhoids when you can utilise an easy to apply ointment?


HemoTreat H has camphor, a substance with analgesic and antiseptic effects. Camphor is used for a long time in creams and ointments as an antiseptic, analgesic and antipruritic. As a plus, the active ingredients that offer protection in the HemoTreat ointment are from natural sources: Adeps suillus and lanolin.

Adeps suillus has properties superior to other ingredients and the eucalyptus oil found in it has similar properties to camphor, being antimicrobial, antiseptic and healing.

Active substances – Recipe

HemoTreat H contains active substances that make it extremely efficient.

Over 97% of the cases in the clinical study showed rapid improvements, and after a few days the hemorrhoids completely faded away.

The formula – Recipe

HemoTreat H is quickly absorbed by the tissues, and the active substances have an immediate effect.

It can be applied as any other ointment and it acts directly on the affected tissues. Its strength lies in the active substances in the formula, but especially in the innovative way they are combined.

Long lasting

Thanks to the softening agents (Lanolin and Vaseline) and the antimicrobial ones (eucalyptus oil), HemoTreat H provides proper maintenance and effective long term protection.

After thorough skin tolerance tests, it has been concluded that the product is well tolerated, with no adverse effects.

HemoTreat H guarantees you the enjoyment of every moment of your life through an innovative recipe that has been patented globally.


HemoTreat H is an FDA-notified product.


The only ointment in the industry that can prevent the need for surgery.