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Any online activity is guided and conducted according to certain rules, values, and certainly in line with a privacy policy of personal data. Each of us keep care about our safety, that is why Global Treat SRL offers protection over your personal data. Because of this, a privacy policy has been added to this project.

What we do with the information collected through
To avoid being exposed to legal provisions that would oblige us, in some circumstances, to disclose personal information about our visitors, Global Treat SRL retains no personal data about their visitors. If you are our customer and you purchased Hemotreat H or you subscribed to our newsletter, only in that case we keep the information you provide.


Global Treat SRL DOES NOT STORE cookies on your computer.Cookies are a Web standard that allows a website to transfer small informations to a visitor, through a text file.

Final terms

The privacy policy of Global Treat SRL only refers to the activity of visitors to this website and does not extend to websites to which there are external links, so you should review the privacy policy of each site you visit.
Global Treat SRL has the right to amend the terms of this Policy without the mandatory public information.
For questions, suggestions, feedback, please contact us at phone +43 699 17112497 or E-Mail: