HemoTreat Generates Excitement at U.S. Debut
September 8, 2015

The developers of HemoTreat debuted their product for the U.S. market at a major medical exposition, where they created excitement and even took an order for the innovative hemorrhoid treatment.

HemoTreat’s entire U.S. team was present at the FIME Medical Trade Fair & Congress, held August 5-7 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. FIME was an ideal launch site, as the premier international trade fair and congress for medical equipment, products, supplies, technology and services. Now in its 25th year, it is the largest international medical event held annually in the U.S.

FIME’s nearly 53,000 attendees included U.S. and international medical companies, distributors, doctors and pharmacies. They came for FIME’s renowned educational conference and to see the latest medical products and developments.

The team was eager to introduce this influential group to HemoTreat, a revolutionary cream that provides lasting relief from hemorrhoid flare-ups by attacking the source – not just the symptoms – of the condition. HemoTreat is a topical cream that shrinks the inflamed blood vessels causing hemorrhoid problems, and contains ingredients to soothe the itching and even bleeding experienced by many hemorrhoid sufferers. Some 97.22% of participants in a clinical study reported their hemorrhoids reduced and eliminated after using the ointment, which has no reported side effects.

They exhibited in a spacious, highly visible 20-by-20-foot booth, with large displays and TVs showing the product’s differentiators and highlighting its uniqueness. Guests were entertained at an open bar while reading the company’s brochure and watching a video showing how the product works.

Over 500 attendees showed interest in the product, mostly medical companies, distributors and doctors.

HemoTreat had discussions with many U.S. and international distributors, gathering over 300 contacts for follow-up and taking an order for the new product.

The debut was such a success, the HemoTreat team plans to bring the product to the 2016 Independent Pharmacies Convention in Orlando. Watch for more news as HemoTreat continues introducing itself to the U.S. market.