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HemoTreat , an ointment 97% guaranteed for your health.


Non-invasive product, discreet and easy to use.


Definitely, while trying to treat this condition that causes such discomfort, you tried a multitude of treatments, to no avail. HemoTreat  offers definitive success by simply using the ointment, which will help get rid of the pain, bleeding or the insecurity you experienced until its use.

Once applied, it creates a cooling effect on the area accompanied by a slight numbness, pain reduction until extinction if not too severe. The itching is also resolved.


It is antiseptic, it has a healing effect and you can feel its results in the first hour of use.

Preparing the zone

The first stage requires cleaning the anal area with warm water without any detergents or soaps, bath gels, etc.

Firstly, reinsertion of the hemorrhoids is attempted by applying pressure on the area.

If there are any anal fissures that bleed, it is recommended to clean the area after sanitation with warm water or warm chamomile and wormwood tea.

Discomfort is alleviated very quickly; the effects can be noticed in the first hour after application.

Treatment procedures

The anal area must not be wiped with harsh toilet paper that can irritate but with fine toilet paper with dabbing motions from the sides to the centre.

After the anal zone was cleaned, and the hemorrhoids placed back inside, the patient must gently rub the area with a normal layer of ointment.

The treatment is absorbed immediately, and the carefully selected compounds will act immediately on the swollen blood vessels, reducing pain, irritation and itching.

Within a few days of treatment will tone up regaining the blood vessels pressure resistance and elasticity.

Effectiveness of the product

The dabbing stage is very important for a successful reinsertion of the hemorrhoids, as well as pressing and embrocating the outside and inside area. The ointment must be applied 2 or 3 times a day to effectively eliminate the deficiencies.

It can be used as a prevention method once or twice a month for 2 or 3 days. Because it is a product that can be used both internally and externally, it acts in accord with all body repair mechanisms.

The HemoTreat ointment is the best treatment for treating internal and external hemorrhoids.

Buy the HemoTreat ointment and treat hemorrhoids without any side effects or invasive procedures!