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Are you experiencing constant pain when you sit down, even on the most comfortable chair?


What are hemorrhoids? hemorrhoids are a common health issue, they are varicose type expansions.
*inflammation of blood vessels irrigating the rectal area


Do you notice frequent bleeding and have you been diagnosed with hemorrhoids?


Statistics show that up to 50 years, about 50% of the adults experience itching, mild bleeding and discomfort, symptoms that point out to haemorrhoid problems.


• Constant pressure exerted on the rectal area: cyclists, weightlifting
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Job profile: professional driver, a lot of time spent sitting down
• Pregnancy period


• Burning sensation
• Pain during defecation
• Swelling in the rectal area
• Blood on the toilet paper
• Discomfort while sitting down: driving, cycling, deskwork.


• High-fibre diet
• Healthy lifestyle
• Hydration to prevent constipation
• Visit to the specialist at the first sign of the symptoms

Hemorrhoids are part of the human anatomy!


Did you know that even your daily activities could result in the appearance of internal and external hemorrhoids?


Driving for a long time and a passive lifestyle with a lot of deskwork or maybe a very active lifestyle, they all may be a cause to the apparition of hemorrhoids. Certainly, among those affected by internal and external hemorrhoids are people who practice sport and that is why it is important to know that even heavy weight lifting can cause this condition.

In addition, even if pregnancy can be the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life, it can also bring disadvantages such as hemorrhoids because of the internal pressure and weight exerted by the baby’s body on the inferior part of the woman’s body.

In addition to the physical discomfort and mental stress that they cause, a strict diet will have to be implemented. Thus, hemorrhoids will cause numerous restrictions such as:

  • • Gluten-free bakery products(such as bread);
  • • Spice-free foods;
  • • No alcohol especially in strong drinks.

Surely, you must ask yourselves what are hemorrhoids. Internal and external hemorrhoids are blood vessels that are dilated due to the pressure and weight exerted on the anus.

Internal hemorrhoids are the most common type of hemorrhoids and they appear especially because of sporting activities. Initially, they are asymptomatic with no pain. In advanced stages, they can cause strong bleeding and pain.

External hemorrhoids are the most painful ones, but bleeding is symptom present for internal ones as well.

Hemorrhoids are a serious condition; the majority of people suffering from this disease underestimate its seriousness and delay its treatment, which leads to worsening symptoms.
If not treated correctly, they can cause burning sensation, itching, bleeding and unbearable pain. In time, because of the pressure, they rupture and form blood clots – the most severe stage.

The active substances combined in an innovative recipe act locally on the affected tissues and blood vessels, with no side effects.

Life returns to normal! Treating hemorrhoids without surgery is our challenge.