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The health of our customers is the key to our company’s success!


Whether you’re an executive in a pharmaceutical company or a patient, it’s the same. The results are remarkable for your organization.

97% of our customers are satisfied. HemoTreat H is formed from a unique recipe and a transparent approach.


Camphor, Lanolin, Adeps Suillus and eucalyptus oil.


The ingredients found in the composition of the HemoTreat H ointment were carefully selected to meet two basic principles: efficiency and safety. Due to the emollient ingredients (Vaseline and lanolin) and to the antimicrobial ingredients (eucalyptus oil), HemoTreat H improves the patient’s condition in a matter of hours.

Innovation and evolution

This is a product manufactured in Romania 100% and it’s 97% guaranteed. Evolution is a continuous process.

An FDA-notified product

HemoTreat H guarantees you the joy of every moment in your life due to an innovative recipe that has been globally patented.

It treats hemorrhoids

It treats internal and external hemorrhoids while improving the patient’s general condition from the first application.

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