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A patient sucesfully treated is a constant customer for your business!


HemoTreat H is widely distributed in Romania and internationally alike, fact that demostrates the product’s effectiveness.


Our distribution partners are among the most powerful and popular pharmaceutical networks: Catena, Sensiblu, Belladonna und Richter in Romania, and internationally the product is distributed by Amazon, the largest online commerce business in the US and Europe.

Catena Pharmacies occupy the first place in top 5 largest and strongest network of pharmacies, with a total of 500 workstations and a continuous development,their number constantly increasing from year to year. Sensiblu pharmacies are the second in top 5, with 400 workstations across the country. The following national partners are representatives of independent pharmacies groups: Richter with over 120 pharmacies and Belladonna with approximately 100 pharmacies.

Our international distribuiton partner is Amazon, and it offers American and European residents the opportunity to buy and utilize HemoTreat H.

As you can see, our commercial relationship regarding the distribution of HemoTreat H isn’t limited to large pharmacy chains, but to independent pharmacies too, in order to offer everyone the chance to purchase HemoTreat H ointment!


Why did HemoTreat H have the opportunity to be distributed both nationally and internationally?


This distribution network could be achieved due to the fact that we won the trust of healthcare professionals and patients alike thanks to the quality of this unique product both as recipe and effectiveness in treating these painful conditions. The product was presented at medical conferences in Europe and USA and it was appreciated by specialist doctors and professors due to the innovative recipe, the effectiveness of the product and the positive results observed in the clinical trials.

HemoTreat H ointment is marketed by the largest pharmacy chains in Romania and the biggest international commerce website Amazon, which offered us their full trust and appreciation in order to be able to offer the chance of effective treatment for all patients who suffer from this conditions.