Creams for Hemorrhoids — Rub Your Way to Hemorrhoids Relief
February 5, 2016

When hemorrhoids strike, they can be painful, unsightly, and impede your quality of life. Relief, and fast relief in particular, is essential, and while many treatment options are available, HemoTreat is one of the few topical options that brings you quick relief by using the power of natural ingredients. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, here are a few of the naturally-derived products we use in HemoTreat hemorrhoid creams that can reduce swelling, ease pain, and help you get back to life as normal.

hemorrhoid creams

1. Eucalyptus Oil

Derived from the eucalyptus tree native to Australia, and a favorite food of koala bears, eucalyptus oil is a key aspect of HemoTreat’s hemorrhoid relief cream. Eucalyptus oil is a powerful analgesic and its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce inflammation and size of the hemorrhoids. It offers a cooling effect when it touches the skin, so you can feel the relief from the moment you put our anorectal cream on the affected area. For hemorrhoid sufferers this fast-acting ingredient reduces the worst visual aspects of this ailment.

2. Camphor

An oil found in the bark of a special kind of evergreen tree that grows in Indonesia, camphor’s healing properties have been used in ointments and treatments for all manner of medical issues. Camphor is known as a natural anesthetic and antiseptic that helps in relieving pain and reducing itchiness and irritation. The product is readily absorbed by the skin and produces an almost immediate cooling sensation, which can help you feel relief from the irritation of hemorrhoids. Camphor is also tough on micro-organisms, some of which can cause infections in particularly painful and sore hemorrhoids. With all of these properties in a single compound, camphor targets different aspects of hemorrhoids that people find painful, uncomfortable and unsightly.

3. Lanolin

Found in sheep’s wool, lanolin, naturally-occurring oil that is essential to the survival and comfort of wool-bearing animals. Also known as “wool fat,” lanolin helps strengthen wool and sooth the skin underneath. It also protects the animal from harsh climates while being an important part of hygiene. Humans have been using lanolin in ointments for centuries and it is a key ingredient in HemoTreat. The lanolin helps treat and prevent dry skin that can occur as a result of hemorrhoids, as well as sooth irritated skin that can cause itching and sores.

Hemorrhoid relief can come in many different forms, but immediate relief requires a topical treatment designed to give you fast relief. HemoTreat hemorrhoid treatment cream combines the very best of modern technology with natural and trusted ingredients. Each of these ingredients offers something for hemorrhoid sufferers, from the anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus oil to the pain reducing compounds in camphor. But together, these products offer well-rounded relief that can help you get back to life as normal. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, feel free to contact HemoTreat to find out how our hemorrhoid relief cream can help you.