Causes of Hemorrhoids

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Ouch, what is that pain and itching in your behind? Most people will suffer from hemorrhoids at some point and if you do, you’ll be happy to know it’s a common problem. But how do you get hemorrhoids in the first place? The quick answer is “pressure”.
Hemorrhoids are caused when the veins in your anus bulge due to the pressure. This also causes the tissues surrounding the area to stretch. That is why you feel that hard “knot”.

This pressure can be due to several factors:

Not enough fiber: One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids is diet-related. The typical North American diet is high in processed foods – and processed foods lack fiber. Fiber is what makes your stool move along easily. Without fiber, you strain and push and create pressure in your anal cavity. This pressure swells the veins and gives you an internal hemorrhoid. The internal hemorrhoid can then prolapse, giving you an itchy, burning, external hemorrhoid. Avoid this painful sensation by eating foods rich in fiber. Potatoes with the skin on, apples, and broccoli – your body will thank you!

Pregnancy: As if the swollen feet, weight gain and hormonal changes weren’t enough, hemorrhoids are another common side effect of pregnancy. As the baby grows inside, pressure is exerted on anal cavity. While pregnancy hemorrhoids can’t always be avoided, you can help keep them at bay by drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in fiber. If you do get hemorrhoids while pregnant, HemoTreat™ Hemorrhoid Ointment is a steroid-free and effective way to get relief without any harm or side effects to you or the baby.

Being Overweight: Those extra pounds create… you guessed it… pressure. Hemorrhoids are more common in overweight individuals, especially if the extra weight is due to poor diet and lack of exercise. If you have hemorrhoids and are overweight, losing weight can greatly improve your chances of getting rid of them. Add fiber-rich foods and plenty of water to your diet, and engage in physical activity. Even just walking can help move waste through your body. As you work on slimming down, use HemoTreat to relieve your internal or external hemorrhoid symptoms, so you’ll be more comfortable as you work on improving your health.

Heavy Lifting: It’s great working those muscles, but if you overdo it, you’ll wind up with more than a bad sprain in your arms or legs. The pressure you exert thorough your core as you lift a heavy object could cause hemorrhoids. Avoid over-lifting weights at the gym and ask for help if you have to move heavy objects around the house or office. If you get hemorrhoids while lifting, avoid making things worse by letting your muscles – and anal cavity – heal up before you exert more pressure on the area; and use HemoTreat so you can get through your day with ease.

Hemorrhoids are literally a pain in the butt, and while they are common, you can do a lot to avoid getting them. If you do get them, HemoTreat will help you stay pain-free and comfortable.