Why HemoTreat™
is the Right Choice

When looking for products, as a reseller you need to consider compelling arguments to ensure you not only have the right products but these products help you profit.HemoTreat™ is a product and company that is able to not only satisfy a consumer niche but do it in a way that insures the best possible profit outcome for you as a reseller with proven product effectiveness and ways to raise your number of units sold.

The HemoTreat™
Product Difference

The first and only reason to make a switch in your product line-up is first a superior product that has a potential to attract customers because of its better effectiveness.

There are compelling reasons why HemoTreat™ should be on your shelves for consumers and that is simply that it is one of the best products on the market to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

An independent clinical study has proven the effectiveness of HemoTreat™. According to the results of the study, 97.22% of patients considered HemoTreat™ efficacious in reducing symptoms including pain, itching, bleeding and inflammation.

HemoTreat™ is efficacious in 97% of all patients!

That difference alone should provide an attraction for consumers seeking relief from hemorrhoids. The breakdown of its efficacy includes:

  • 88% Pain reduction
  • 72% less Itching
  • 88% Reduction of acute inflammation
  • 50% No more bleeding

In the study’s results a whopping 72% of patients showed a gradual remission of the disease. A further 19% showed significant improvement.

NONE of the patients suffered side effects or adverse events!

As a reseller, you need to be confident in the efficacy, safety and claims made by products. With independent verification, HemoTreat™ is simply one of the best hemorrhoid topical ointment creams for reducing symptoms safely. There are plenty of testimonials and case studies available to cement these scientific claims as well.

Commitment to Your,
Bottom Line

HemoTreat™ as a company is also committed to your bottom line. As a reseller of products, whether they are efficacious or not, HemoTreat understands that you still need to make a profit in order to stock shelves.

We are committed to giving you a profit opportunity that will outstrip that of our competitors. As we provide attractive profit margins you also can receive rewards in additional profit margin points and/or rebates for achieving higher revenue targets. Essentially, resellers that commit to higher resources for supporting the HemoTreat brand will be rewarded with higher profit margins.

Being committed to your success and profitability is ensured by providing proforma data specific to your store, franchise or chain to increase profits and reach these higher revenue targets.

Guaranteed Success

By utilizing the following success practices we follow up on your ability to meet demand and close more deals with consumers. Success practices you can consistently expect from HemoTreat™:

  1. Constant contact with resellers for collecting feedback
  2. Monthly input opportunities for resellers via electronic methods (surveys, emails etc)
  3. Reseller live chat services so you can connect with a live expert in real time when needed for extra support
  4. A bi-weekly ‘trusted advisor’ newsletter that proactively features what’s new and relays what inputs and actions are working for other resellers across our network to improve your own success rates
  5. Reseller Advisory Council that gives you a direct voice into the future of HemoTreat™ products and services.

Success is a two-way street where both vendor and reseller are committed to reaching the end goal together. We provide multiple success tools to enable this relationship.

Increasing Demand & Closing Support

Of course all of these factors play into creating increased demand for the HemoTreat™ product that ensures a higher closing ratio with consumers. As a reseller, we realize the entire ability to increase demand for HemoTreat™ is not yours alone. As the vendor we need to accept marketing responsibility as well for increasing the brand awareness and therefore increasing natural brand demand.

We support increasing demands through targeted regional marketing campaigns that generate specific, nurtured and qualified sales direct to our resellers. This geo-targeted marketing approach ensures that marketing dollars are spent effectively and targeted to reach consumers in your specific geographic location allowing for a higher conversion ratio locally than national campaigns.

These regional marketing campaigns are supported by templated in-store marketing campaigns that you as a reseller can execute in conjunction with regional support, reinforcing sales conversions. This combined symbiotic marketing message drives brand awareness and reinforces sales abilities of each location.

HemoTreat™ drives customers directly to your door and provides essential customer support when you need to close the sale with targeted employee training seminars and educational marketing materials.

When considering a compelling case for carrying a new product, HemoTreat™ fits the prescription. With a proven product in both sales ability and efficacy we provide a success story that can turn into a profit-generating story for your location, chain or franchise. Contact us today for your first consultation on how to increase sales from this product.

Clearly HemoTreat™ is the Right Choice!