Anorectal Cream

Anorectal Cream

When you experience discomfort in the sensitive rectal area, it can be embarrassing. Even though the pain of moving around, walking and sitting are difficult to bear, you may not want to talk to anyone about the issue. Don’t be shy. The truth is, your discomfort is probably caused by hemorrhoids, which can be easily soothed by an anorectal cream.

Hemorrhoids occur when straining causes the tissues in your anus to bulge and swell. Lifting heavy weights at the gym, not eating a diet rich in fiber (which means straining on the toilet), or even the physical changes of pregnancy can bring on this dreaded pain in your behind. Since hemorrhoids can occur internally or externally, you need an anorectal cream that can also be used internally or externally.

The first sign of an internal hemorrhoid is blood on the toilet paper. Note that blood in your stool or when you wipe can also be a sign of medical problems, so if this problem persists, get it checked out by a doctor.

An internal hemorrhoid can progress in size and then prolapse. This means it manifests outside of the anal cavity.  A prolapsed hemorrhoid is very uncomfortable and associated with the itching, burning feeling most hemorrhoid sufferers complain about. The hard knot also makes common everyday activities difficult to maintain.

Anorectal creams are great at reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but not all products are created equally. You want to use a product that has as few chemicals as possible since you are applying it to such a delicate region, but you also want the product to be strong enough to work – fast.

That is where HemoTreat Hemorrhoid Ointment comes in.

HemoTreat is a gentle anorectal cream with a soft, creamy texture and non-medicinal smell. The ingredients are easy to recognize and are naturally sourced. Best of all, it is extremely effective for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Most people that suffer from hemorrhoids to go through several different anorectal creams, looking for the one that will take away the painful symptoms and also work to heal the area. HemoTreat anorectal cream does both – from the first application you feel soothing relief and are able to go about your day in comfort as the product works hard to reduce the hemorrhoid and repair the damaged tissues.

When you have hemorrhoids, you need fast relief. Trust HemoTreat, the anorectal cream that works for both internal and external hemorrhoids and provides all the relief you need in one natural formula.